January 3, at 8: Bluetooth to make calls and share music from other devices. Remember when capturing movie footage, that it is always better to under-expose , or reduce the gain of the webcam for a particular planet, i. Compared it to my Neximage results and nothing in it! Failing to do so may cut off the near black detail from the image, including that all important very faint light in deep sky objects.

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I am looking forward to some of your images. Doing this can be helpful when photographing through a dobsonian mounted telescope, but also helps with other types of telescopes with proper EQ tracking the image is stationaryfor example when trying to align the webcam to create a lunar mosaic so as to ensure correct coverage of the target object when multiple images are 900nc together.

NO charger philip be provided. Hi Mal, If the intention is to use the webcam for imaging planets, then any webcam should work. Subscribe To receive updates on upcoming astronomical events and posts related to astronomy, kindly enter your email then click ‘Subscribe via Email’.

As mentioned, the Sharp LZn will be slightly noisier than the Sony ICXn sensors, this is more likely to show up in a long exposure frame than in planetary images, and the longer the exposure the more the noise.

To combat the heat problems described in point 2 above, it is possible to attach heatsinks to the imaging chip, and use fans to aid cooling. Shutter is ineffective in LX Mode.

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Maybe I need to drop this all into one post May 23, at While the article is aimed at DSLR cameras, the principles still apply to CCD cameras generally, and help you appreciate just why you should capture and stack as many frames as possible, and that high quality imaging can be achieved with shorter exposures and cheaper, less accurate mounts.

September 28, at It is not a whole lot of noise but is noticeable alongside a Sony-equipped camera image of the same exposure. The only image that I took was a video of the planet Jupiter for about five minutes or so. On this article of removing the lens and replacing it with the adaptor, I just bought the camera and pulled the plastic stopper, it came off, I put it back and pulled again and it came off very easily.

Philips SPCNC Specs – CNET

This means a webcam movie capture of 10 FPS will result in about to frames which can be aligned, stacked and enhanced. I would like to have a go at lunar and planetary imaging, but don’t want to remortgage the house.

Pixel Plus is a digital picture processing technology that increases the number of lines and the number of pixels. Not been used that much at all. You will then get an idea for just how sensitive this webcam is, and what the controls do.

A brief overview of Webcams and Astronomy

All philipd different things cooling, heatsinks, fans, peltier chips, high resolutions, and better quality imaging chips soon add to the expense of professionally manufactured astronomy cameras, and this is why some of them can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars! You need to be a member in order to leave a comment.


Do not leave the chip uncovered for long – you don’t want any dust particles getting onto the clear face of the chip as they may become visible on any photographs you take. March 20, at 1: I use some simple home-made weights to philip balance my dobsonian mounted telescope.

Which Apple MacBook is best for you? Click on the image to learn how. There seems to be a problem completing the request at present. To receive updates on upcoming astronomical events and posts related to astronomy, kindly enter your email then click ‘Subscribe via Email’. Is the process the same, and might i get away with using the same adaptor?

Went through steps stated above and have the camera moded without problems. Is there another article for modifying the Logitech Pro for basic astrophotography, along the lines of the above?

Philips SPC 900NC webcam

There are two main problems regarding long exposures: March 20, at Try and remember which philipz, in or out, you normally have to refocus the webcam from any particular eyepiece.

The supplier soon replaced my order with the correct part. I have bought and converted two of these for long exposure and they work just as fine as a spc

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