Developer Zone Downloads Documentation. Should the driver issue a rollback when the logical connection in a pool is closed? The name of the class that implements java. These configurations are explained in the ‘Configurations’ of the documentation. Should the driver dump the contents of the query sent to the server in the message for SQLExceptions? The name of the class that the driver should use for creating socket connections to the server. The DriverManager attempts to connect to the database, if the connection is successful, a Connection object is created, here it is called ‘conn’ and the program will display a message “Database Connection Established

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Registering output parameters import java.

Creates the database given in the URL if it doesn’t yet mysql 5.0 jdbc. Timeout for socket connect in millisecondswith 0 being no timeout. An implementation of com.

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These configurations are explained in the ‘Configurations’ of the documentation. Notice that for prepared statements, server-side prepared statements can not currently take advantage of this rewrite option, and that if you don’t specify stream mysql 5.0 jdbc when using PreparedStatement. Add your own mysql 5.0 jdbc. Take measures to prevent exposure sensitive information in error messages and clear data structures holding sensitive data when possible?

The following example shows a stored procedure that returns the value of inOutParam incremented by 1, and the string passed in via inputParam as a ResultSet:.


User does not have access to metadata required to determine stored procedure parameter types. Posted by Stephen D on July 22 For more mysql 5.0 jdbc on MySQL stored procedures, please refer to http: This is explained in mysql 5.0 jdbc kdbc sections.

Name of a class that implements the interface com. Setting CallableStatement input parameters. ConnectionLifecycleInterceptor” that should notified of connection lifecycle events creation, destruction, commit, rollback, setCatalog and setAutoCommit and potentially alter the execution of these commands. Use newer, optimized non-blocking, buffered input stream when reading from the server?

MySQL :: Connector/J

Capitalize type names in DatabaseMetaData? Properties instance passed to DriverManager.

Statement mysql 5.0 jdbc allow you to execute basic SQL queries and retrieve the results through the ResultSet class which is described later. In either case, whenever you are connected to a “failed-over” server, the connection will be set to read-only state, so queries that would modify data will have exceptions thrown the query will never be myqsl by the MySQL server.

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On the other hand, the getGeneratedKeys method is scoped by the Statement instance, so it can be used even if other queries happen on the same connection, but not on the same Mysql 5.0 jdbc instance. If ‘logSlowQueries’ is enabled, how long should a query in ms before it is logged as ‘slow’? Notice that you have to use JDBC escape syntax, and that the parentheses surrounding the parameter placeholders are not optional:.

ConnectionPropertiesTransform that the driver will mysql 5.0 jdbc to modify URL mysql 5.0 jdbc passed to the driver before attempting a connection. When enabled, jdbd ring-buffer of ‘packetDebugBufferSize’ packets will be kept, and dumped jrbc exceptions are thrown in key areas in the driver’s code.


If the timeout given in Statement. Failover happens when the driver determines that the connection has failed before every query mysql 5.0 jdbc, and falls back to the first host when it determines that the host has become mysql 5.0 jdbc again after queriesBeforeRetryMaster queries have been issued. Unless otherwise noted, properties can be set for a DataSource object or for a Connection object.

When nullCatalogMeansCurrent is true the current catalog myysql be used if the catalog parameter is null. 55.0

Connector/J 5.0

What size result set row should the JDBC driver consider “large”, and thus use a more memory-efficient way of representing the row internally? The default value of ‘0’, means mysql 5.0 jdbc the platform default value for this property 0 5. Common Problems and Solutions. myslq

Developer Mysql 5.0 jdbc Downloads Documentation. Don’t prepend ‘standard’ SQLState error messages to error messages returned by the server. The easiest mysal to do this is to use Class. CallableStatement interface is fully implemented with the exception of the getParameterMetaData method.