The adapter’s basic characteristics are as folows: Both PHYs are hidden under the heatsinks but interestingly, the controller on port A has a fan while the one on port B hasn’t. Results 1—1 of 1 1. I know not everybody needs this functionality but if it’s in the advanced settings and the default is to strip the tags then it would make sense to me? We found the driver only on the russian web site of the company for some reason, the english web site did not have the driver for that moment – driver v1. For Windows, we used driver version 4.

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Was this review helpful? Windows drivers have their own interface that provides a lot of variants of adapter configuration and diagnostics. The only thing that helped was system reboot: Drivers 88e800 their own GUI, which allows convenient control over a single adapter or yukn group.

The Jumbo frame size can be varied within and bytes. Both drivers were included into the kernel and allowed the maximum MTU size of bytes. Write a comment below.

They both have similar results on a bit bus. The driver supports Jumbo frames, and the MTU size can be increased to bytes. The following programs were used for TCP traffic generation and readout in Windows The adapter has four green LEDs with the functions identical to the 3Com card. The adapter’s behaviour in Linux is similar too. In fact, the CSA bus from Intel reviewed below solves the “bottleneck” problem of the bus with gigabit network adapters installed on common computers, but mavell all mainboards have CSA and it is used only for integrated adapters.


Marvell Yukon Series 88E8021 Network Card Drivers

Marvell utilizes world-leading semiconductor foundry and. The theoretical basis of Gigabit Ethernet is laid in this articleand we’re going straight to the testbeds. Windows drivers have their own interface, which offers a lot of options for adapter configuration and diagnostics.

The Marvell Yukon family of GbE controllers come with complete software driver suites and aYukon are trademarks of Marvell. Please enable JavaScript to view the comments powered by Disqus. The Jumbo frame sizes can be varied within and bytes. In reality, hardly all mainboard manufacturers will agree to use this rather expensive chip from Intel – in this case CSA will be left out of yuukon. Cable Tester, and Yukon are registered trademarks of Marvell. In Linux we used drivers v1. The Linux and Windows drivers are identical to the above mentioned drivers for the SK98xx series.

Gigabit Network Adapters on Platform TYAN Trinity GC-SL. Part One: 32bit PCI Interface

The bottleneck of a gigabit network adapter operating on a 32bit bus is the bus. The card’s basic characteristics: Marvell utilizes worldleading semiconductor. The company probably decided that transceivers do not heat that much and indeed, they were really just a little warm during operation.


Copper or optical adapters from the same manufacturer usually use the same logics – they are equipped with the same microcontrollers and these cards actually differ only in PHY transceivers. But this time, gigaframes were supported all right. And even at and yjkon driver module could “fall” at any moment not to rise again. It possesses a Low Profile PCI design and it can be installed into U2 servers, as all the other cards tested in this review.

For Windows, we used driver version 1.

It includes the possibility to test the length and the parameters of the cable connected to the adapter. In some cases, however, the ,arvell differ, as in the photos showing motherboards SK v2.

The Marvell Yukon family of GbE. Yukon 88E controller from Marvell is a one-chip solution for a gigabit server card with an embedded PHY controller.

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