He went at once to Battalion Headquarters, and insist ed, despite his “all-in” condition, on being allowed to lead a stretcher party back the way he had come. A raid by the 4th Division had been planned, and during this rest it was practised, the 72nd being joined at this time by a draft of N. Whittaker Sidelights on war Move north. As the line advanced this was lengthened to two miles. Especially did his artillery command the ground in Death Valley and in the vicinity of Regina trench. By the end of the month the Battalion was up to full strength, but lack of equipment pre vented a portion of the men from joining the Battalion at Hastings Park until the third week in October. There was a tremendous ovation as the Stars and Stripes were hoisted in front of the officers box, while the Highlanders Band played the “Star Spangled Banner.

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By and by these rumours were confirmed and plans of attack were matured. Now that Britain was too hawll for sport, it happened to be the day fixed for the de parture of the 72nd from Bramshott. Many miraculous escapes were prob ably due to its negative capacity in absorbing and muffling shell-bursts. They also gave us breakfast next morning. Sir Charles Davidson, K.

A light wind wafted the hawll slightly in the direction of the enemy, but the rapid return of rifle fire showed that they were not taken unawares.

It was like a bit of home. The boys will long remember this kindness on the part of a B. For though the mud of Vimy Ridge was not the agglutinative compound of the Somme, it was still mud to be reckoned with, and men came back from their spells in the trenches covered with it.

The trenches that the 72nd were now to occupy and re-occupy were a little way down on the wrong side of the crest. Of course, the Battalion was furnished with guides, but as has been sagely remarked, there are only two kinds of guides those who do not know the way and say so at once, and those who are equally ignorant but leave you to find it out! The Bat talion was commencing a long spell of interesting work- scouting, sniping and patrolling.


Clark took over command hw-104g9 the Brigade in the absence of Brig.

Here some of the bitterest fighting of the early days of the war had been waged. It is hoped that the reading of this history of heroic deeds and supreme sacrifices will create in the minds and hearts of readers an unshakable determination to insist upon Canada having an efficient citizen army. In an especial manner it will forever stand out in the annals of the 72nd Highlanders of Canada.

He has been through several cam paigns in which he greatly distinguished himself; and his work in connection with the raising of haeell regiment de serves the greatest praise. Its heralded approach had al ready been the stimulus for vigorous building operations.

Each traverse and sap every communication trench which leads off the main fire trench must be familiar. He leaves behind him a memory which must ever irradiate the chronicles of the Battalion he loved so well. The squads moving to the right, under No. Macdonell, after wards Honorary Colonel of the regiment, performed gawell man service, and it is not too much to say that the ultimate successful launching of the enterprise, so far as the financial end of it was concerned, was largely the result of his untir ing efforts.

The keenness to learn, the high intelligence of all hqwell, the good physique and smartness on parade were all favourable points noted, and gave me a confidence in the Battalion which increased steadily as time went on, and eventually became unbounded. Accordingly, on May llth,a meeting was held in the St. The day was ideal.


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By the end of the month the Battalion was up to full strength, but lack of equipment pre vented a portion of the men from joining the Battalion at Hastings Park until the third week in October. Divine serv ice was conducted at St. Then, the sequences were aligned to each other and to the chloroplastic ACCase genes of other grass weeds Figure 1.

After some hours of hurried preparation, this order was cancelled. Zero hour was 5: Clark Consolidating gains after winning objective Further dash by 72nd. Bayonet- fighting, bombing, entrenching, wiring, etc.

Hawell Hw-104m9 Driver

Their smart precision was much admired by onlookers, and was evident ly appreciated by the Governor-General. Such an attack as has been described, tumultuous and bewildering as it was, was no haphazard chapter of ac cidents. It was not to be won dered hw-1049h that the enthusiasm was so marked, for the sight was a grand one, as the regiment advanced with the long stride peculiar to the “Kilties,” the swaying of the sporrans and kilts, the fluttering in the breeze of the feathers in the bonnets, and the splendid work of the men was sufficient to arouse enthusiasm in the most stoical.

The visit seems to have pleased everybody. A blue bonnet, with borders gawell white, hq-104h9 and green, arranged in small squares to resemble the fess chequey in the arms of the dif ferent branches of the Stewart family, and a tuft of feathers, or sometimes a small black bearskin.

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