I’d certainly would love to try it. I think it would be practical for me to use this software if I could add a shortcut to it to my start up folder, so it starts when the computer starts, but I would not want to have to close the application’s window each time. Then try it with a COM port application to see if it works first, then try my driver and setup it to COM 6 and baud One output was then used by the Location Sensor driver to feed the Win 7 Weather gadget, and the second output was used to feed iGuidance navigation software. If the driver and Turbo GPS can open it, then it is an application level problem Flightprep needs configuration on the port somehow. Also if an error occurs in the communication, the driver will retry the COM port as soon as a new client is attached.

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Using a GPS receiver as a Location Sensor in Windows – Laptop GPS World

Sunday, November 29, 3: Thinkpad users with a GOBI card experienced this situation. Saturday, March 29, 1: But TurboGPS is reading it properly. However “jailbreaking” the device to allow running of any user code is easily achieved so maybe there are workarounds Double-click to execute the gpsdirevt.

Wednesday, January 6, In order to receive GPS data the workaorud is to close the weather gadget.


NMEA Sensor Driver for Windows 7 and Windows 8

Have site or software product issues? Monday, March 19, 8: Your physical location as set by the Location API has no influence over what the Windows Store believes to be your account’s country of origin.

I think it just terminates on restart – I really hate applications that automatically run when Gpsdirecy starts. If the driver works even when the window is closed, it would be nice to be able to launch it with the window closed. I figured that perhaps the sensor driver uses the same backend. Thursday, November 11, That would give more flexibility to the system. Questions on how to bypass restrictions on access to the Windows Store are not appropriate in this forum.

It’s like the driver doesn’t open the COM port but just spies on the data stream? If this is the first time you have run GPSDirect, you will also be presented with a Windows Security dialog, asking if you want to install the sensor device. Damned if i dont have applications that cannot open the serial port.

No GPS? No problem! Using GPSDirect to develop location-aware apps (Part 1) | IntelĀ® Software

Sunday, March 24, 9: Monday, November 2, 8: Windows Store sets locations from GPS. It does survive hibernation though, in that case it g;sdirect back no issues until the next full shutdown. I tinkered a bit with Hyper Terminal to find the correct baud rate baud for my GPSthen used your Turbo GPS application to check whether the settings were working there too.


It is working now. The lower frame shows the time reported by the GPS receiver, and once a fix is obtained it will display: You will then be presented with the GPSDirect user interface window, a portion of which is shown below. Or, if you prefer, post a link to the other site.

After i reboot there is nothing. Now the GUI checks and applies configuration to the selected com port and if the COM port actually opens and gets configured, then the driver is installed. Sunday, October 4, 6: By the way, I saw the sentence “If you want to redistribute this driver whithin your application contact me at the forum”.

I ‘ve already answered to you in my forum, but I also say it here so others may see it. Any progress on windows 8 development?

Looking forward to have any feedback on this! Weather gadget and GPS don’t work together.

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