Bottom Line Yes, I would recommend this to a friend. We’ve never used it that way, but it is possible. It’s quick and easy to use – you’ll wear out before it does! It beeps but doesn’t scan. When our old one started to break down and I had to put my regular, wired, scanner on a cart with a laptop, that was he!!

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May 18, Symbol LS lsia Handheld. To fix the problem I had to replace the USB card in the system.

I would jump at the chance to get a wireless scanner or two to complete inventory. I found the Dolphin to be unwieldy and difficult to connect on its charger.

This has been tested and it is in good working order. Apr 17, Honeywell Wireless Handheld Barcode I’ve used the computer on a cart, the dolphin, and now I’m using a regular wireless scanner. If my students are doing it, I have them scan into Notepad and import the file like I would do with Spectrum. It works quite well – it has a memory feature that holds lots of barcodes. ID Card Printer Ribbons. I still don’t conduct it live I prefer to scan into Notepad and upload that file because there is some lag.


Honeywell Productivity and Workflow Solutions

We had a full day of training to learn how to use them effectively. Here’s a link to this great service Good luck! Laptop on cart with another circ scanner. That fillett it helps you know if the cataloging is incorrect. Each month you can inventory a small section of your collection so that at the end of the year it has all been done in smaller chunks and is not something that takes days away from your instruction. I ended up scanning to wordpad and uploading to inventory from there.


I just plug them to a laptop and roll around with them. Aug 25, Honeywell Wireless Handheld Barcode I use a dolphin. Thanks so much to all of the wonderful people who replied and offered advice. I love it – you charge it, scan, dump, and go again.

We borrowed two sdanner those and connected our scanners to do inventory. This page was last updated: My assistant, who has been working in the library since said that last year was actually the best year for inventory.


I also use it at non-inventory time for various things such as remote checkout, creating bibliographies, etc. I have an inventory instruction sheet if you decide to use a hand-held like a panther. It beeps four times.

The rubber on these boots is nice and thick making them great for shock absorbing when the scanner units these protect inevitably get dropped. I prefer using a laptop on a cart with my circulation scanner attached.

Next we purchased the Dolphin-type handheld unit. It really is EASY. Posted on Jan 02, We ended up doing the latter and have to replace these boots about once every years.

The sale of this item may be subject to regulation by the Food and Drug Administration and state and local regulatory follwtt.

We have three corded scanners we use for circ so we use those for inventory.

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