My next experience was of their. This includes the drivers, the cabinets and the crossover A ring radiator, it was developed in the s by the famous General Electric Company as an accompanying ‘presence unit’ to. Front of the ABR unit, damped polystyrene cylinder. It was eventually replaced by the I5XR I am not sure what its resonant frequency is, but by shaking the unit out of the box it was possible to detect quite a low frequency low level ‘rumble’ coming from the modulated air. I must offload some

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Celestion Ditton 15 – Article – Vintage Speakers Review

All cable was Chord Co: However, it measures a very easy load average 4. The speaker cabinets however were terrible so I have had to scrap them. Originally Posted by leo I got a pair of these in the bas, 3 quid from a charity shop, seemed a shame to just ignore them when walking by Indeed it would have been a waste had you not picked them up.

Any questions please ask Thanks. A ring radiator, it was developed in the s by the famous General Electric Company as an accompanying ‘presence unit’ to. Good condition vintage speakers with lovely sound quality, which up until last year were used by celeston dad who bought them new many many years ago!


Celestion may claim 30 Celestioj, but 15 Watts would be a safer margin. The cellestion labels are missing on the mesh. Sensitivity measures just under 90dB per watt, pretty sensitive, but not amazingly so. The company was located ccelestion Thames Ditton, Surrey for a while and the name Ditton is used on some products. I have, in the past, managed to pull an HFI apart and nine times out of ten it is the lead out wire that has fried.

Enclosure size is twenty one inches tall, by nine and a half inches both back to front and side to side; available in both teak and walnut real wood veneers.

Celestion Ditton

Iconic Celestion Ditton 44 Loudspeakers from the 70’s – Fully re-built and sounding like new. Ella Fitzgerald and Dinah Washington tracks, the power of these two ladies really communicated through these little boxes. But what impressed was the cohesive nature of the design. Those with finger skills could easily tease a tiny amount of copper wire from the speakers voice coil and repair it.

Throw the grills in the bin and rewire internally to tweak them. Thanks for the commnets guys. A lot were sold to ‘non’ enthusiasts who are now clearing the garage out discovering these old wooden boxes, and either taking them to land fill or popping baass on that.


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Celestion Ditton 15

And don’t get me started on the DL8 and SL A few scratches all round. My next experience was of their. They are in working order and perfect for repairs or project work. Once down at 1 kHz. Look and sound amazing.

Celestion Ditton 15 ‘vintage’ Speakers

As mentioned, this speaker was sold in thousands. Celestion ditton 25 Loudspeakers top circular tweeters do celestiom appear to be working although replacement kits are available on eBay In good condition, a few minor scratches but nothing a good polish wo Voigt was the first to use a central spider to hold the loudspeaker diaphragm, and this unit mimicks it.

Oh look, it is snowing again! By the day’s standards, the Ditton 15 is quite a slim, elegant design. I spent a merry ten minutes making this thing move about with various low frequency sign waves from my old oscillator. Sad to say good bye but the time has come no longer used since the arrival our son. From the off, what a delight!

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