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They seem to install, but when I try to open the monster sound control panel, I just get errors like can’t initialize drivers and such. Skill Memory Products G. Perhaps I could change the inf file to match that. There is no material that is knowingly illegal here. Skill Information and Support G. It doesn’t exactly say that they are incompatible.

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Be careful not to buy the original Montego with AU though.

Aureal Semiconductor – Vogons Wiki

I wish I knew how that win98se driver installation exactly works and how it checks if a driver matches with the hardware, so perhaps there would be some way to check what kind of information the sound card is actually telling windows.

If you must have DirectX 7. That is the one thing I am trying to find out if the card is really broken or not and if I should try to ask my money back for it. WinXP finished installing just 10 minutes ago and everything is fine in device manager and I tried playing an audio cd and it plays perfectly through the sound card. Diamond MX and win98se problem. The link below has a good explanation behind the differences between drivers.


Happy new year to you all BTW. Discussion about old sound cards, MIDI devices and sound related accessories. Holynostalgia blast!

They are very similar cards. If you see that you need an INF tweak.

Results 1 to 25 of Next I 208 newest aureal vortex drivers AU 9x 4. Switch another hard drive to that pc and install win98se there. The is the yellow exclamation mark in device manager that says pci multimedia 248, but when I try to install drivers for it, it just doesn’t think there are any drivers that are compatible. You should now be at your desktop. Isn’t old hardware and software fun? You could also try getting another Vortex 2 to try.

First, ensure that you have installed your motherboard chipset drivers. They seem to install, but when I try to open the monster sound control panel, I just get errors like can’t initialize drivers and such.

Aureal Semiconductor

Last drivers to the au88330 ended at XP though, anyone know how I can get my aureal vortex to work with vista 32bit? That old home theater PC looked and sounded great. Go ahead, but use this link please!: Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: All times are GMT I’m confused, if the card is not broken, how do I get it to work in win98se? This disclaimer is brought to you thanks to the BSA. Thanks for the extra info Napalm.


Try to just run the MX and a video card. Like swaaye said, you might get an error message, but you can ignore it. When the “Found new hardware” – “Audio device” dialog comes up, cancel it.

Next thing was that I thought perhaps there is some kind of incompatibility with the system and I put the sound card to another pc. Also if I use “have a disk” feature, it says that the drivers are not meant for this hardware or something similar.

VOGONS • View topic – Diamond MX and win98se problem.

Originally Posted by Movieman. The Herc and Matrox made a hell of a tream. Also the mx driver cd image that I burned has no english folder and there is just win9x folder that has version 1.

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