Forum Themes Mobile Progressive. I will post back shortly. I have a Motif ES 6 connected to my system as well and when I play the keys it plays back just fien as well. I am not sure at all, but You have to go in Windows device manager, and there you will find each irq for each device.

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I know I tried this a few times but the last time for wsio reason was successful. Sorry, I misunderstood your problem to be with recording and not playing, audio. Your operational Firewire controller should be alone on the IRQ, so that nothing can interrupt it or lock it out when it needs data.

Thanks to everyone so far that has helped. Be patient, you’ll get there a step at a time.

And also, this card is one of the approved. You want to first use Auto Connector. I have all the latest Sonar patches installed. Tried setting the minimum inputs and outputs in the graphic patchbay – The problem still exsists.

I suggest too to disable the second “built in” firewire card, but if you can, do it in the bios Now to test this I went back into Sonar and played my song from the top while remianing inside of Sonar aio I got random drop outs threwout my song but if I switch back to task manager the song plays without drop outs.

Last Drivers  HPT370 372 XP DRIVER DOWNLOAD

If I open Sonar and load mlam project and hit play I will get random audio drop outs but Sonars audio meters still show singnals passing threw.

Save, close and reopen the program, and listen. Good that you keep your eye on the mLan and O1X type questions.

Asio mlan driver download

The fix is to minimize Sonar to the taskbar and it works. Try turning your latency up a little and see if that does it. Now I found someone else with the same issue and had them try my temporary fix xsio they confirmed it does indeed work.

I have tried about 3 different firewire cables thinking it is my cables – The problem still exsists.

Yes, joegab is correct. I am on the phone with Cakewalk support right now and they think it is a Video card You m,an to use the Asio way, and not the WDM mode in sonar, since mLan is asio wdm is offered only with 2 ch outputs and that’s all. I hoestly have tried everything I can think of on this issue.


If I hit play in Sonar I get audio drop outs or mutes. The advice you gave me worked. So I am completely lost in what else to try.

Calling mLAN Users???

View More Photo Galleries. It’s been a while Anyway, at this point I would suggest disabling the built-in Firewire device. I have a recording session scheduled for tonight but I think I will have to cancle again and I am afriad I will be losing my client due to this issue.

Hopefully, you will be too someday! You have dropouts, which is usually a simple problem.

Happy Holidays!

DSProductionz Giorgio and kwgm, Thank you both for the quick response. I have tweaked my OS as suggested on www. DonM Max Output Level: The card just wouldn’t run simultaneously with my Firewire card without causing all kinds of audio artifact and dropouts.

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