Is it works in Studio one for Windows , so in the same Windows 10 you try to run Sonar? This option sends parameter updates for a given hardware control out of the Keyboard device’s MIDI Out port when the software parameter to which the control is linked changes. I’ll run through it and see if there is something I’m missing. I probably had to do that too but put it out of my head due to trauma! I’ve seen the following trick from Zephyrus:

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May I ask what driver you are using? The left window displays the name, value, and other related information regarding the last-changed software parameter; the right window displays the MIDI name and value of the last-changed, mapped hardware control.

This simple process works as follows: Open the control map for the desired controller by double-clicking on it in the External panel of the Console. Functionality effectively identical to the original plugin – which, again, will never work again so ignore it – but with some additional flexibility and features. Once you have the device set up, create a new Song and open the External panel of the Console. The “musicbynumbers” you find is not me or the name I use for my own music.

I probably had to do that too but put it out of my head due to trauma! Assuming the basic driver is working – and if it isn’t, I don’t wibdows what to winndows, as it pretty much just works here with the old drivers – install Azslow’s alphatrackk and follow instructions to a,phatrack the Alphatrack plugin and you should be good to go.


Thus, you can make Focus maps for each of your favorite plug-ins and never worry about them again. I have one and it works. If I plug it in after Windows loads, that’s fine. Please note windowws I have not written the Windows driver for this device, only a replacement for Sonar plug-in.

Click in the Folder field of any control in the control list and type a folder name to group that control with other controls that have the same folder name. The encoders provide quick control of pans, sends, EQ, plug-ins, and automation.

Frontier Alphatrack in Windows – Cockos Incorporated Forums

I’ve seen the following trick from Zephyrus: You need to set the compatibility of the install program to Windows 7 via the Properties dialog.

As a result, I usually have to leave it unplugged or I think I hear a mouse nibbling at regular intervals from the next room Your hardware control akphatrack now linked to the software control; manipulating the hardware control manipulates the linked software control.

These let you adjust track and plug-in parameters while the character backlit display shows detailed feedback in response to your touch. Some hardware controllers send MIDI messages to Studio One when a button is pressed apphatrack released, and some send messages when the button state is toggled between on and off.

I have my alphatrack working fine on 8.

You can try to make official Sonar plug-in working. I’ve just had an issue with a relatively fresh install of 8. In each plug-in window, you can see mapping controls to the right of the preset and alphatrac controls. Thanks for this thread.

Last Drivers  EMTEC WI350 DRIVER

Frontier AlphaTrack vs Faderport and Win 10 support | Cakewalk Forums

AlphaTrack also has three touch-sensitive encoders, a feature previously found only on high-end gear costing thousands of dollars.

I am wondering aophatrack anyone has it working on Win 10? The first one went for too much wkndows I was out bided, but I found another in near new condition for less. I’ve just found out I am getting the blue screen of death if I boot Windows 7 with the AlphaTrack connected – using the latest driver from Frontier.

Or you can use AZ Controller as explained here: KingsMix tenfoot Faderport working perfectly in win10 here. It’s a shame it’s discontinued as it seems the only product to replace it is the Faderport which seems inferior.

I can vouch for the fact that Azslow’s plugin and the preset he developed for the Alphatrack – with a teeny tiny bit of help from me, testing as it went along since he didn’t have a device – works a charm. Is it works in Studio one for Windowsso in the same Windows 10 you try to run Sonar? In AZ Controller everything is re-programmable.

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